Skammdegi (Dark) Discovery Set




Experience Fischersund’s best-selling scents packaged together with three 5 ml vials that capture Skammdegi, the Dark Winter. This Nordic yearly right of passage on December 21 shortens the daylight to less than four hours. The set is housed in a hand-treated tin box made by our Fischersund’s father Birgir and features fragrances – No. 23, No.54, and Flotholt. A perfect way to discover your new fragrance favorite.

Fischersund No. 23
Our first and best-selling scent, this fragrance is smoky and addictive with notes of Anis seed, black pepper, and tobacco seeds.

Fischersund No. 54
This woody scent is a go-to for its warm and comforting accord of vetiver, patchouli, and animalistic musk.

The first-ever Sigur Rós x Fischersund limited edition FLOTHOLT features a blend of amber, bergamot, birch tar, fresh air, seaweed, dirt, grass, and vetiver.

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