Laminated Silk Sock-Neon Yellow

Laminated Silk Sock-Neon Yellow

Maria La Rosa



Laminated ankle socks made with precious silk yarn, a classic of Maria La Rosa, are suitable for every season. The material with which they are made, in fact, notwithstanding its thinness, is extraordinarily insulating, resulting in very cool in summer and warm in winter properties. This ankle sock has been covered with a metallic finish, which, after many washes, tends to disappear, allowing the brilliance of the underlying silk to emerge. A slick, funky exterior gives way to an uber soft interior your toes will thank you for. The brightness of the foil makes them the perfect accessory for parties and occasions in which you don’t want to go unnoticed. The sparkling elegance of this Maria La Rosa collection staple makes them an incredible ally for sneakers and heels alike. Made in Italy. 66% silk, 34% nylon

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