Icelandic Moss Candle

Kala Style



Light up and chill out. Few things will help you melt away stress like the glow of a candle. Handcrafted with environmentally sustainable soybeans, each votive captures the natural, undisturbed auras of Iceland. The Moss Candle will transform your space and invite a sense of grounding and healing with earthy elements of green moss, sage leaf, palo santo and star anise. The Kala Style candles are also the perfect travel size to create a sense of wellbeing in any home away from home.

Made with a 100% GMO-free soy base and sturdy cotton wick, these high quality candles burn twice as long as your average votive. Enjoy a clean, 20-hour burn time. Recycle the hand-painted glass when you’re done – they make the perfect home for a little plant.

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