Henna Lip Stain

Wood & Rose



The owner of Wood & Rose owes her signature, bold pout to our henna lip stain. In her make-up arsenal for close to two decades, suddenly her “never go without” was discontinued and nowhere to be found. After much research, she tracked down the manufacturer of her beloved lip stain and convinced them to produce them exclusively for Wood & Rose.

An all natural, plant-based dye that temporarily stains your lips. It works with your skin tone, absorbing into the top layer of the skin to produce a fresh wash of color. It will not smudge, smear, or transfer to drinkware or clothing. Super lightweight, kiss-proof, long-lasting lip color. It’s buildable so can be as sheer or opaque as you choose.

TIPS: Exfoliate lips first. Gently wipe lips with a kleenex for a dry surface for the henna to sink into. Using the soft applicator, trace the shape of your lips and fill in. DO NOT lick your lips after application to allow stain to set. Once it has dried down, you can add another layer if desired. To back the intensity off a bit, allow it to fully dry and take a damp kleenex and blot.

Ingredients: Barberry root, arrowroot, alder bark, cherry bark, chicory, clove, hibiscus, madder root, rosehip, mineral water, beeswax, cosmetic grade grain alcohol, cosmetic grade glycerin.

*Our swatch photo is done on fair skin and may appear different depending on your own coloring. Two coats applied.

POMEGRANATE: looks intimidating in the tube but rest assured this beauty dries down to a deep red/brown hue. You choose the depth.

PLUM FAIRY: rich purple tint but dries down to a merlot stained pout. A thin, single swipe offers more of a soft rose-y neutral with lilac hues.

ROSE TEA: an instant favorite the second it hit the sales floor. Vibrant, purplish pink.

ANGEL: the holy grail as far as Wendy is concerned. Bright, vibrant, perfectly pink.

CHIC: red with a splash of pink.

CHERRY: similar to Chic but leaning more towards a classic red.

MELON: for a perfect coral pout.

SANGARA: a light peachy-pink.