Balance Bottle

Balance Bottle

Gem Water

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If you’re striving for truth and wanting support to find the perfect balance in life this bottle is perfect for you.

Traditional Naturopathic Uses:
In the natural healing arts this blend of sodalite and clear quartz is said to encourage awareness, being true to oneself and even help quench your thirst! The powerful addition of chalcedony is with the intention to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit all into harmony.

These personal water bottles have interchangeable crystal gemstone pods, which infuse your water with the energy of your personally selected blend. Call the boutique for available varieties. Hand-made in the Austrian Alps with lead-free glass, the patented design opens at the top and bottom for easy cleaning.

For those who feel like they want a little extra protection for their bottle, we recommend Gem Water silicone loops or hugs.

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