All Over Colour-Bisque

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This barely there, peachy-beige hue with a touch of warmth is perfect for transitional seasons when it’s not quite Summer, and not quite Winter. Toeing the line between beige, pink, and brown, bisque suits everyone and give your face a fresh look. Apply on lips, cheeks, and eyes to bring instant natural warmth. A swipe of neutral color on your lips is enough to enhance your appearance. Organic, .17 oz.

The All Over Colour is an award-winning versatile organic, natural, and wild-harvested lip and cheek color, as well as a cream eye shadow in one product. It can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with other colors to create stunning new shades. For that perfect flawless natural look, just dab this shade on your cheeks and lips. It blends seamlessly with the natural tone of your lips and looks stunning paired with Cristallo or Kaito on top for added shine.

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